Published works

Below is a select list of Michelle’s published works with extracts:

“Jade Kingdom”. Time Out. 28 June 2017.

If you want to eat old-style Chinese-Malaysian street food but can’t afford a flight to KL, take a trip to Heidelberg Heights instead. Local eatery Jade Kingdom is churning out the good stuff by the hot, sizzling wokful.

“New Zealand: Environmental Consciousness Across The Ditch”. AWOL. 28 April 2017.

New Zealand is at the forefront of environmental consciousness, something that also overlays its tourism industry. With initiatives that allow travellers to preserve its natural wonders while enjoying their trip, New Zealand is an ideal destination for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint at home and abroad.

“How To Do Dim Sum In Hong Kong”. AWOL. 16 January 2017.

A brunch of dumplings or deep fried delights served in bamboo containers, all wheeled to your table on a trolley and washed down with gallons of hot tea. Whether you call it ‘dim sum’ (to touch the heart) or ‘yum cha’ (to drink tea), this dumpling-filled cuisine is a staple in Hong Kong, and for good reason.

“How To Have The Very Best Time In Hawaii”. AWOL. 23 October 2016.

Most people associate Hawaii with aloha shirts, hula dancing and ukuleles. While there’s plenty of these on offer for a relaxing holiday by the beach, there’s also a massive range of activities for people who are more adrenaline-inclined.

“7 Melbourne Bars In Unexpected Places”. AWOL. 15 August 2016.

Melbourne has bars in veiled locations all over the city. Even born-and-raised Melburnians can go their entire lives without overturning every single one of these establishments – especially because many are disguised as something other than what they are.


“The 9 Best Doughnut Shops In Sydney”. AWOL. 20 May 2016.

Hand-sized rings of delicious sugary goodness have taken over Sydney. Every other cafe has shelves of these babies displayed behind misty glass cases.


“Why It’s OK To Eat Fast Food When You’re Overseas”. AWOL. 4 Apr 2016.

The idea of forgoing local cuisine for something that’s available back home might be unappealing – even profane – but there are plenty of arguments in favour of eating fast food overseas.


“9 Reasons Why Wellington Is The Ultimate Foodie City”. AWOL. 16 Jan 2016.

If, like me, you’re a so-called “foodie” (and, like me, you’re loathe to use the word “foodie”), Wellington should definitely be on your destination list. The city is said to have more bars, restaurants, roasters, breweries and cafes per capita than New York City.


“Book Review: And You May Find Yourself”. Daily Review. 25 Dec 2015.

Being a writer and a reader often means you’ll encounter books written by fellow writers. In my case, these are usually memoirs written by writers I’ve sort-of-kind-of known — on a semi-professional basis.


“‘Love’: what’s ‘real’ sex got to do with it?”. Daily Review. 18 Nov 2015.

In Australia, films that could challenge us with confronting content often can’t. Our classification bodies can ban them before they get the chance. Most films with unsimulated sex (which are increasing in mainstream cinema) are often thrown into the X18+ pile, a “special and legally restricted category which contains only sexually explicit content”.


“Blk & Blu”. Time Out Melbourne. 1 Oct 2015.

Deciding what to wear when you cycle is difficult … This was the dilemma that gave Melbourne-based designer San Thai the inspiration to create Blk & Blu: a natural cycling gear start-up, launching this month.


“Experts back $30m domestic violence campaign”. The Citizen. 16 July 2015.

A $30 million national advertising campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence has been widely backed by experts who agreed that it was right for governments to be drawing attention to the problem.


“AWOL’s Guide To The Real Tokyo”. AWOL. 1 July 2015.

There is no place on earth like Tokyo. It’s at once homely and terrifying, fun and tiring, brilliant but oh so strange.


“The 8 Best Bowls Of Ramen In Melbourne”. AWOL. 25 June 2015.

The ramen food trend has certainly taken off in recent years, so it only makes sense that Melbourne – the capital of cosmopolitan cuisine – is now home to a heap of ramen eateries.


“8 Books That Will Inspire You To Travel”. AWOL. 15 May 2015.

At the intersection of a love for reading and a love for travel are those stories that actually inspire you to travel.


“Turns Out Channel Nine’s ‘Married At First Sight Is Kinda Ignorant About Arranged Marriages Too”. Junkee. 4 May 2015.

If we assume the stats are true and the marriages in Married At First Sight will therefore produce long marriages, we’re overlooking many cultural differences.


“The Thicke and the clear”. Overland. 13 April 2015.

Misogyny is rife in contemporary popular music and it’s not something we should be proud of. Far too many artists do exactly what Robin Thicke did and go unpunished.


“Digital adds density for the collections of museums, galleries”. The Citizen. 27 March 2015.

You have seen it portrayed in films and on TV: characters getting sucked into an artwork who can then experience it, even explore its depths through touch.


“The 7 Best Hidden Bars In Melbourne”. AWOL. 18 March 2015.

It should come as no surprise that Melburnians are super proud of the underground bar culture – sometimes so underground that they don’t even know about it.


“‘Gogglebox’, The TV Show About Watching People Watching TV, Is Actually A Compelling Display Of The Ordinary”. Junkee. 12 March 2015.

The idea of watching people in their living rooms sounds invasive and creepy. It doesn’t sound entertaining – unless you’re a pervert. We’re rarely privy to what goes on in our neighbours’ homes when they wind down at the end of the day. And why should we be? What they do in front of the television during prime time is their business.


“The 6 Most Amazing National Parks In The USA”. AWOL. 24 Feb 2015.

The US is home to some of the most jaw-dropping scenery you’ll ever see.


“UQ ‘flying blind’ because of fee reform deadlock”. Brisbane Times. 2 Dec 2014.

The University of Queensland is “flying blind” with its 2015 budget, according to Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Høj.


“Revisited: Why Last Man Standing Was Bloody Good Australian TV”. Junkee. 21 Nov 2014.

Long before Roger Corser was a megababe sleeping with his opposing parliamentary candidate in Party Tricks, he was a megababe sleeping with his best friend’s ex in Last Man Standing.


“On bogans”. Overland. 19 Nov 2014.

There’s a figure that has long permeated Australian culture. We fear it. We reject it. We try to deny that it’s a part of us. And when it keeps coming back, we laugh at it.


“Deregulation uncertainty leaves Melbourne University unable to budget”. The Age. 31 Oct 2014.

The University of Melbourne has been unable to draw up a budget for next year due to uncertainty about the federal government’s plans for deregulation, according to Vice Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis.


“Animal House”. Farrago. 24 Oct 2014.

It might come as a surprise to many students that animal research is conducted on every University of Melbourne campus. At Parkville, it’s performed in the basement of the Zoology building and the tenth floor of the Medical building. Animals are delivered via truck in plain sight. In the case of buildings where the animals are upstairs, they are transported via a service elevator.


“Junk Explained: Who Are ISIS, And Why Are They Taking Over Iraq?”. Junkee. 1 July 2014.

Iraq is in a state of disarray at the moment – possibly worse than it has ever been before.


“Melbourne University students could face fee rises of more than 60 per cent, Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis warns”. The Age. 31 May 2014.

Student fees at Melbourne University will need to rise by up to 61 per cent in some courses to manage federal budget cuts, according to Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis.


“Private thoughts about public schools”. Overland. 8 May 2014.

There’s always a debate over public and private education in Australia. People always gab about money and whether or not paying large sums of it ensures a child performs better at school.


“Revisited: Ten Years On, Mean Girls Is As Fetch As Ever”. Junkee. 30 April 2014.

Like every other member of Generation Y, I love Mean Girls. The film, originally released on April 30, 2004, shaped so much of my adolescence. Back in the days (I’d rather forget) of orthodontic, emotional and growing pains, the film was two very different things to me: a reflection of my life, and a fantasy I wished would happen.


“Let’s review the Australian Classification Review Board, shall we?”. Junkee. 14 March 2014.

When trying to select movies to view, we are motivated by their content. A film’s plot, characters and setting, as well as information about its actors and directors, informs our desire to watch it. Secondary to that is the rating slapped on it by the Australian Classification Board.


“Why RoboCop Shouldn’t Have Been Remade”. Junkee. 7 Feb 2014.

He’s part-man, part-machine, and all-cop, and he was a hero to anyone familiar with Betamax, MTV, and the emergence of techno music. But then, he got a makeover.


“Comedy and Cultural Difference in Tom Doig’s Mörön to Mörön. Liticism at Crikey. 24 Oct 2013.

Among Lonely Planet guides, endorsements for various restaurants around the world and poignant tales of “self discovery” in foreign lands, the contemporary travel writing scene leaves little room for comedy. However, Tom Doig’s first book, Mörön to Mörön, points at the standard of travel writing and laughs.


“Rankings show ‘steady as she goes’ for Australian universities”. The Conversation. 15 Aug 2013.

The University of Melbourne has once again improved its position and remains Australia’s best university according to new university rankings.


“‘Can I Take Your Order?’: Compliance and Doing as You’re Told”. Kill Your Darlings. No. 14, July 2013.

‘Look around at where you are,’ the voice commands. So you do. Not necessarily because you want to, but because he’s telling you to. He’s a policeman, after all, so you have no choice: do as you’re told. He’s had you strip-searched and your clothes seized. He’s been telling you what to do for hours now, and he isn’t going to let up any time soon.


“Boys prefer foods spruiked by sports celebs: study”. The Conversation. 28 May 2013.

Boys are more likely to choose unhealthy foods with on-pack endorsements by sports stars than those without, a new study of primary school-aged children has found.


“Douchebag”. Farrago. 28 Feb 2013.

With his cute ooh-where’d-he-come-from accent, messy blonde hair and boyish smile, Josh Thomas is certainly one of Australia’s most recognisable and most adorable comedians. His new TV series Please Like Me is a comedy-drama series.


“Cannon Fodder!”. Farrago. 13 Oct 2012.

When we think of great literature, names that spring to mind are Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen. We either ignore or are ignorant of of Kathy Acker, E.L. Doctorow or Milan Kundera—just three names that are about to be compromised even more, as the English and Theatre Studies program recently announced a decision to cut three of its subjects at the end of 2013.


“Gutmann promotes release of new book”. The Daily Pennsylvanian. 2 May 2012.

In an auditorium inside the National Constitution Center Wednesday evening, about 180 people listened eagerly as Penn President Amy Gutmann and Harvard University professor Dennis Thompson spoke about the state of American democracy in 2012.


“Bradley Foster, the repeat entrepreneur”. The Daily Pennsylvanian. 12 April 2012.

So it’s true — not all Wharton students go into finance. In his “spare” time, Wharton sophomore Bradley Foster runs a restaurant in northern Michigan, a hotel in Costa Rica and five other companies.